amphetamines and jelly beans (plasticpill) wrote,
amphetamines and jelly beans

just breathe take the world off your shoulders and put it on me.

Really, fatass? 140? You're gaining weight? You've got FOUR WEEKS (less! 23 days!) to lose 10 pounds and you're gaining weight?

You have until Sunday to be 135, by any means. You'll take cough medicine and you'll clean and you'll go on a hundred small walks and you'll eat like the tiniest bird and you'll use vegetables to fill in the space in your stomach and you'll use water to fill in your stomach and you'll stop kidding yourself about everything.

You're fat and disgusting and you'll never fit into those pants if you sit around telling yourself that you're fine and the weight will just fall off. It will not just fall off. You have to work it off.

135 by Sunday, you piece of shit. This has gone on long enough. Your failure is completely unacceptable.
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