amphetamines and jelly beans (plasticpill) wrote,
amphetamines and jelly beans

Arrrrghhhhhhh I was at 150.6 this morning. Starting back in on carefully diminished calorie intake -- I'm at 800 for today. I have a dinner salad planned for tonight, with sesame ginger marinated chicken, mandarin oranges, some of our leftover wonton strips, romaine lettuce, a bit of couscous and some homemade sesame oil and rice vinegar dressing. I'll calculate what that is in a bit, when I'm done with my studying. It is confirmed that I will graduate this spring; other than wanting to lose 30 pounds by July (though i guess now 35 with this latest weigh-in), I will be wanting to look spry and thin when I've got people coming to see me walk. I mean, theoretically someone besides my husband and kids will want to see me walk. God knows nobody three years ago would have imagined that I would have completed an AA degree, much less been accepted into a university.

We're going to go buy an elliptical tonight. A friend of mine ate 1200 calories a day and worked out 4 hours a day and lost 30 pounds in 4 months, so I think if I eat 1200 calories a day and work out an hour a day that should still enable me to get to my goal by July. I'm so tired of hating myself when I look in the mirror.

Oh yeah, ETA that I think Thursdays will be the official weigh-in days now so I don't let the daily ups and downs dishearten me like I did before. SO --

Thursday weigh in: 150.6
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I've started running again, and I'm joining my uni gym next week. I weighed myself on Tuesday and I'm 142lb. My goal is 135 by March 15, fat loss only, trying v. hard not to lose any muscle. It feels good to be getting fitter again too, that's the thing that most bugs me about gaining weight, I feel like a big lazy slug. I only really gain weight when I stop exercising. -_-
Yeah, every time I've lost a bunch of weight, I've also been doing cardio in some manner, so I'm hoping that I can drop even just 10 pounds by exercising and trying to be more moderate about my calories. >_> I can't run like you though, the breastfeeding boobs bounce too much. XD